Vitamin C Spray for Sun Protection

Vitamin C Spray

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It was early summer, and we invited a bunch of kids from my daughter’s 2nd grade class for an outdoor playdate. Two of the girls who showed up were very fair-skinned and their parents slathered them with sunscreen just before they left the girls to spend the day with my daughter.

By mid-afternoon when the parents arrived to pick them up, the fair-skinned girls were red from the sun. Their parents told me about how difficult it was for them to enjoy summer outdoor activities, and that no matter what kind of sunscreen protection they had, the girls still managed to get sunburned.

I offered the parents my homemade Vitamin C Spray, which is what my family uses. I explained that it was nothing but just Vitamin C Powder and water, simple ingredients easily located in every household kitchen. The parents sprayed it on their sunburned girls and the girls immediately felt relief. The parents told me they would make this recipe at home for future use.

I know I swear by it.

We don’t touch the sunscreen lotions you can buy at your local drug store. Even before the CDC released results of a study linking sunscreen ingredients to hormone disruption and cell damage, Hulda Clark tested and found sunscreen and many other commercial body products to be polluted with toxic chemicals. Not only is sunscreen bad for people, it is also bad for marine life, creating sex change in fish and killing corals.

Don’t even think of wearing sunscreen when going swimming in a chlorinated pool. Studies show that exposing sunscreen to chlorine caused, at best, loss of UV protection (so it’s useless to even have that sunscreen on in the first place) and at its worst, cytotoxicity – the death of cells.

So we use Vitamin C Spray, not just as protection before, but also as skin care treatment afterย sun exposure.

Studies show that applying Vitamin C on the skin is effective against photoaging and reversing past sun damage to the skin.

Want some? Here’s the recipe:

Vitamin C Spray

8 oz distilled (unchlorinated and unflouridated) water
2 teaspoons Vitamin C Powder
8 oz HDPE Spray Bottle

Shake and spray on skin once or twice a day. That’s it. Vitamin C in water may turn a dark yellow in time, but it is still good.

It’s not sticky, and skin absorbs it easily. You don’t have to wait until before going outdoors to spray it. Use it everyday to reverse past sun damage, and keep the skin healthy and protected for future sunning.

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Enjoy the outdoors this summer!

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