February is Cancer Prevention Month

The World Health Organization is predicting that incidences of cancer will rise by 57% in the next 20 years. It is an alarming prediction, and one that may not be easily turned around given our constant exposure to carcinogens in our environment. We also have a powerful medical establishment that focuses its resources on treating cancer, not preventing or curing it. After all, this predicted rise in cancer cases means a rise in profits for Big Med and Big Pharma.

Spare an hour and a half of your time to watch, “Cancer, The Forbidden Cures,” a documentary by Italian filmmaker Massimo Mazzucco that begins with the conflict between allopathic vs. empirical medicine, and the reason why and how several cancer cures discovered over the past 100+ years have been suppressed from the public.

The good news is that all is not lost. As we make our way to the next 20 years, we have at our fingertips the power to educate ourselves and make even just one tiny change everyday. Hulda Clark has given us her life’s work in researching the cause, cure and prevention of all cancers and many other diseases. If we begin reading her books now, even just one page a day can make a difference. Making one lifestyle change a week can change the course of history.

More and more information is on the internet about choosing foods that fight cancer, such as broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, green tea, pomegranate, tomatoes, avocadoes and many others Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. Slowly but surely we are making strides against the proliferation of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in our foods and opting for certified organic produce. We are removing toxic chemicals from our food containers and body products. Hulda Clark showed us the way decades ago, and it is up to us now to carry on.

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