We don’t need a COVID-19 vaccine.

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Welcome to the 2020 media circus that is called the COVID-19 global pandemic. With almost everyone quarantined at home, the media is having a heyday with conflicting propaganda competing for the housebound human’s attention. The latest from “authorities” is that this is the new normal until a vaccine is released for the entire planet’s population. What could go wrong with that?

Let’s start with worldwide poverty. The very poor have starvation as a more immediate threat than the latest designer disease. The middle class will follow soon if we continue in this vein. Stress from impending poverty would create dis-ease in the population. More customers for the medical establishment! Congratulations.

I come from a clan of medical professionals in California. My father and aunt are nursing home administrators. Three of their sisters are registered nurses. One RN aunt started her own nursing school, which churned out several of my cousins, nieces, and nephews as nurses. I worry about them being constantly exposed to all kinds of diseases. My most outspoken cousin, who has worked as a nurse through three pandemics, says he is still more afraid of ebola and H1N1 than COVID-19. He believes these recent government mandates are an overreaction. I agree with him.

Hinging the entire fate of humanity on a COVID-19 vaccine is a dangerous move.

A COVID-19 vaccine is not a panacea. The coronavirus mutates. We’ve had many different versions of them for years. COVID-19 alone has mutated a couple of times as it went around the world. Attempting to create a vaccine for each mutation will be just like every year’s flu vaccine. A lot of wasteful inoculation of a different strain from what’s actually going around, a lot of exposure to toxic chemicals that are in vaccines deliberately to agitate the immune system into action, a lot of possible adverse reactions.

The vaccine-based paradigm for health that the medical establishment touts is unsustainable. Look at antibiotics. You’d think those antibiotic-resistant bacteria would have taught us a lesson by now. Nah. With multi-billions of dollars to make, the medical world can’t even notice the rise of SIDS, developmental disabilities, and allergies in babies they’ve been inoculating since birth.

By creating mass hysteria over COVID-19, the medical establishment is priming the well. By the time they release their vaccine, the fear-based demand for it will be gigantic. Governments will mandate it widely and witch hunts will be conducted on those who do not wish to comply with their cattle call.

I’m not buying into their paradigm. After all, medical errors still account for more US deaths than COVID-19.

Hulda Clark reminder

My household bases our health practices and lifestyle on the work of Hulda Clark. My husband and I were lucky to have come across her books in 1996 when we got married. We set up our home and taught our kids healthy habits based on her recommendations. The premise of her books are simple: take care of your immune system. Over twenty years later, as the world succumbs to fear, we hold tight to Hulda Clark’s teachings. Here are a few of them:

1. Zap. There are no studies performed on the novel coronavirus using the Hulda Clark Zapper yet. Since hospitals stick to medical protocol, the only way we can learn if the Hulda Clark Zapper works is if people diagnosed with COVID-19 and are self-quarantined at home would use it and share their results. Hulda Clark stated, “Any positively offset frequency kills all bacteria, viruses and parasites simultaneously given sufficient voltage (5 to 10 volts), duration (seven minutes), and frequency (anything from 10 Hz to 500,000 Hz).” In theory it should work. At the very least, the Hulda Clark Zapper can eliminate all other microorganisms so that our body’s immune system can focus on fighting the new virus in town.

2. Wash your hands. This was the first lesson the CDC taught the mainstream when news of the pandemic broke out. Good old water and soap. Scrub hands, fingers, especially under the fingernails, where bacteria tend to collect. Run water over hands for 20 seconds. Avoid hand sanitizers to prevent antibiotic resistant bacteria. If you must, use 120 proof vodka, which is food-grade alcohol. Hulda Clark recommended food-grade body products as a way to be kind to our liver. We need a healthy liver to have a strong immune system.

3. Eliminate nonessential body products. Hulda Clark had been warning against toxic chemicals in commercially available body products and household cleaning products since the early 1990s. She was the first to sound the alarm and pioneered the movement toward safer ingredients in common consumer products. She found that although body products containing minute quantities of toxic chemicals do not immediately poison us, our immune system pays the price and must remove these chemicals from our bodies before turning its attention to microorganisms. Chemical pollution opens the door for parasites, bacteria, and viruses to remain in our bodies and get a stranglehold on us. Hulda Clark published recipes for food-grade body products to replace common store-bought items. Ditch nonessential body products, such as fragrance or make-up at this time. Your immune system will thank you.

4. Nutritional supplements like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, turmeric, and glutathione boosts the immune system. Probiotic food, such as raw sauerkraut, nurtures beneficial bacteria that help our digestive system absorb more nutrients. This recipe for Honey Lemon Garlic Tea has served my family well through all kinds of respiratory illnesses. Eat a healthy diet, drink at least 64 oz of water daily, get out for some sun and fresh air.

5. Keep your morale high. Telling people not to stress is like telling them not to think about a bear. So I won’t tell you to keep your stress levels low. Instead, I suggest exploring hobbies and interests. Perhaps you enjoy knitting, sewing, or baking bread. How about learning how to code? Help your local community get through this difficult time. If you’re stressing over finances, these diversions may open you up to a side hustle that could become your next source of income. You never know until you try.

Every description of COVID-19 symptoms seem similar to other flus. If a sudden onset of fever, which receded within 24 hours, shortness of breath, and dizzy spells are some of the symptoms, then I may have caught it already without knowing that I had. If I caught it today I would take care of myself at home, do all of the above, and come out a stronger human being, if not with lifetime immunity. I would be thankful I’d caught it now, and not during my elderly years. In fact, if enough of us with healthy immune systems caught the COVID-19 bug and survived it, we’d have natural herd immunity to protect the immunocompromised in our communities. Boy, would that hurt Big Pharma’s bottom line!

In the meantime my family complies with shelter-in-place. We wear homemade fabric masks when we go to the grocery store and the post office. We practice physical distancing out of respect for people’s comfort zones. But we are not afraid. We can’t wait to get back to seeing our friends again.

Can you think of other ways to be healthy and sane during this time?

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